It's been about a year since we last visited the 3000 block of Cambridge Street, a block that's seen great improvement in the last few years. In 2011, when PHA decided to auction off a few hundred of their vacant properties, five homes on this block were included in the package. The renovation of those properties were certainly a big help to the block, something we noted upon our last visit.

The much improved 3000 block of Cambridge St.

The western end of this block dead ends at submerged railroad tracks that separate the neighborhood from Fairmount Park. A year ago, we told you about plans for a new home at 3043 Cambridge St., the property at the end of the block on an irregularly shaped triangular parcel. A reader recently gave us the heads up that construction recently got started on the home and that it's been mostly framed out. They also said it looks totally strange sitting by itself at the end of the block, overlooking the tracks. They were spot on in their assessment.

This new house happened

View from the Poplar bridge

We would imagine that the home will eventually get listed for sale and that the eventual buyer will appreciate the combination of new construction, garage parking, location near Girard Avenue, and one of the most unusual views in town. Once the vacant lot next door gets redeveloped, the home will surely look a bit less odd, but for now and even then, it's truly one of a kind.