We last visited the 30 Baltz project at the end of the summer, when groundbreaking on the corner property had just taken place. Recall, this project from MM Partners includes the construction of two double-wide homes on the 3000 block of Baltz Street along with a much larger eight unit building on the northwest corner of 30th & Baltz. That building is now fully framed out.

Hopefully, large corner building will inspire additional development nearby. While this block of Baltz has seen a good amount of construction in recent years, there are still several blighted properties and vacant lots that remain. One of those vacant lots will soon be the second 30 Baltz home, which is on the market right now preconstruction for $375K. On surrounding blocks as well there are some blighted properties that could use more than a little TLC.

Closer to 31st Street, two two-story buildings are currently on the market, each for $135K. We're not sure than anyone is jumping to pay that price at the moment for buildings that need a full rehab, but if things continue to go the way they seem to be going in Brewerytown, we can imagine a time not so far from now that we're all kicking ourselves for letting such a great deal get away. In the meantime, we'll continue to keep our eyes open for additional projects coming down the pike in this neighborhood, whether it's on the revitalized Girard Avenue corridor or in the middle of the neighborhood, like 30 Baltz.