941 S. 8th St. sits on the northeast corner of 8th and Carpenter Sts., and it’s been sitting empty and boarded up for quite some time. It contained a corner store at some point, but it doesn’t look like the store has been open for years, if not decades. According to public record, it’s owned by Marie Cinalli, who purchased it in 1985 for $20K. The $2500 annual property taxes are paid up through 2010, so one would think that either the owner or a relative is keeping tabs on the property.

With a prime location in Bella Vista and the Italian Market just a block away, we’d expect that the current owner or a new owner could do some great things with this property. Might be a nice spot for a BYOB, a corner store, or <gulp> condos.

Anyone know what’s going on over here? Anyone have any great ideas for what they’d like to see at this corner?