Royal Tavern is one of our favorite bars in Philly. We’ve been there dozens of times over the years, and the nachos are so good that we don’t even care how much we smell nachos after we devour them. Down the block is the also excellent Dive Bar, and across the street from Royal is a Napoli Pizzeria, a place we’ve also visited a number of times in the last decade.


From the looks of it, these businesses will be getting some company in the near future. We went by for happy hour a couple of weeks ago and snapped these photos:

Across the street

Pizza place nearby

These signs are up on 932 E Passyunk Ave., a garage that was on the market for a couple of years for $349K but never sold. Strangely, we can’t seem to find any information about this new business anyplace online. Is this a legit business that’s going to open before winter comes? Is this a mere tease, a joke sign placed up to taunt us as we swelter through the beginning of August? Has anybody heard anything about this place?

Can you imagine, a little adult beverage, some tasty nachos, and then a scoop to wash it all down? Yeah, we know John’s Water Ice is just up the street. But variety’s the spice of life, no?