James had a great five-year run at 824 S. 8th St., but owners Jim and Kristina Burke closed up shop at the space this past spring as their lease expired. Though the couple were apparently looking around town for a new space for a minute, Jim signed on to work again for former boss Stephen Starr over the summer and just this month opened Caffe Storico in New York City, according to Gothamist.

So here we are in Philadelphia, short a James Beard finalist chef and still staring at a vacant restaurant space in Bella Vista.

Looking up 8th St.

We like those colors

It’s a block from the Italian Market, but it’s still a non-corner commercial space in a largely residential area. Is it possible for another high-end restaurant to make it in this space? Or any type of restaurant? Heading up 8th St., several other mid-block restaurants have made it work over time, though a few spaces have changed hands in recent years. Could the large residential development project around the corner be a boon for a new tenant in this space? Or is the local dining competition simply too fierce for a new establishment to make it work?

What do you want to see in this space?

Just not a Walgreens, ok?