Located at 1001 E Passyunk, also known as the corner of Kimball St., 7th St., and Passyunk Ave., Tong Tong Bakery has been closed for at least five years. Purchased by John and June Tran in 1996 for 55K, this oddly shaped building occupies a little more than 1300 sqft. With Napoli Pizza, Dive Bar, and Royal Tavern all across the street, one would think that some other food establishment might find some success here. Or the building could be torn down and rebuilt as a single family home that looks like nothing else in the city? We don’t know what the neighbors would want, but it’s a shame to see this corner space go unused for so long. Any ideas people?

If nothing else, we’d like to hear a soliloquy from the 2nd floor balcony.

Looking to the north from the property