A few months ago, we reported on Bella Vista’s Triangle Park, it seems that the Friends of Triangle
are could be a step closer to acquiring this small pocket of real estate and keeping it as the garden they’ve worked to create. The large ‘For Sale’ sign has come down, the asking price for the property has come down, and the organization is hopeful that their continued work with the property owner and the city may pay off soon.

The new property listing, added only a week ago, has the lot at over 2600 sqft and touts the possibility of “3-4 townhomes or 2 townhomes, 1 commercial space + 2-4 apartments under current C-2 zoning.” The current asking price, $320K, is down from an original asking price of $750K in 2006. In the meantime, Shot Tower Coffee settled in quickly across the street, local artists have set up a working studio on the other side, new residential construction is moving along at 606 Christian, and the intersection is all around more vibrant than it was just a few years ago. The FOTP has worked diligently to raise awareness, funds and become incorporated as a non-profit to fight to preserve this small city oasis.

At this intersection, where Christian and 6th Streets are crossed by Passyunk Ave., it would definitely benefit the neighborhood and city to keep this as green space rather than have a building constructed on the parcel. We’re hopeful the community and the property owner can come to a mutually acceptable agreement to make it happen. Feel free to visit the FOTP website or Facebook page to support something pretty
in Philly.

–Lauren Summers