In October, we told you about 1318 South St., one of the more unique buildings we’ve seen go up recently, with round bays you just don’t see very often around town. It replaced two traditional row home structures that appear to have once held commercial spaces on their first floors. Fortunately, the developers here have maintained the commercial aspect in their new construction project. Let’s look back at the progress of this development:

In the past

Curvy foundation

Framed out

In November

The facade seems to have been completed, with brick on the walls and cement board on the bays and the storefront. We’re suspect that people will be split on the look this building, but we like it. We’re not sure we’d like as much it if there were several dozen more just like it, but still…

Recent shot

You’ll notice the zoning notice posted on the building, which is for a take-out restaurant with seating. Rumor has it that a cafe will be going into this space, which seems like a nice addition to the neighborhood. Hopefully, this place will be a smash with commuters heading to the subway stop down the street- and the interesting building will draw in some curious passersby.

Can’t wait to sip a latte over there sometime soon. And maybe this new business will spur additional retail activity on this end of the South Street corridor?