Over the winter, when we last checked in on Mildred Court, the twenty-five home development under construction on 8th Street, Montrose Street, and Carpenter Street, the buildings that once stood there had been demolished and formwork had appeared on Carpenter Street. We passed by the other day and discovered all kinds of progress at the site. Most of the homes have been framed out and sheathed, and many of the windows have been installed as well.

Looking down 8th St.

New homes on Montrose St.

Homes on Carpenter St. are the furthest along

In case you don't remember, this collection of new homes is coming from developer US Construction, the same guys who built the collection of homes spanning Christian and Montrose Street a couple years back. Like that project, Mildred Court will be offered as rentals for a few years after they're built, and will then likely go on the market for sale. Also like many US Construction projects, JKR Partners did the design work.

3D rendering shows an additional five homes as part of the interior of the project

You may think it's great that this developer builds homes by the dozen, or you may hate it. But one thing you can't argue with is the speed at which they operate. For any developer, putting up so many houses so quickly is pretty impressive. And while we lament the loss of a rather cool 7up bottling building on Carpenter Street, we're grateful that the weird loading docks that have dragged down the corner of 8th & Montrose for so many years are finally gone. So in our book, it's a net positive for the neighborhood.