We were passing by yesterday, and snapped photos of the ongoing construction at 7th and Bainbridge Sts., just south of the coffee shop on the corner. In case you haven’t read our previous posts about this project or to refresh your memory, these four homes, with front yard parking, are replacing a vacant lot in a desirable Bella Vista location. The developer is BILD Properties, and the architects are Moto Design Shop.

Check out the progress:

Vacant lot

Framing, in late Jan.

The other day

Same site, from the north

Though things have moved along nicely here, we imagine it will still be a couple of months before the fencing goes away and neighbors get their sidewalk back. At which point, all they’ll have to worry about is maybe getting run over by someone trying to park in front of one of these houses.

Hey, just kidding, everyone’s gonna be fine!