Like any good Philadelphian, we love Sarcone’s. We love the tomato pie, the cookies, and the seeded rolls at the bakery. And we love the enormous and delicious hoagies offered at the deli that’s just a few doors to the north of the bakery.

You may recall, a few years ago, the deli (very slowly) expanded from their corner location at 734 S. 9th St. into the commercial space next door. And then for awhile, the deli counter moved to the new space and the old deli space remained as a seating area.

A few years back

After some time, the seating area closed and the vacant space became available for rent. Recently, a reader noticed new paper up in the windows of the old space, and that a ‘For Rent’ sign had been removed.

Papered windows

Has anyone in the neighborhood heard anything about this? With Palumbo Park and the Italian Market nearby, this space should get a healthy dose of foot traffic, and considering the wonderful residential area that surrounds it, there’s plenty of neighborhood business for the taking. What could work here? Another coffee shop? Another accordion store? A miniature reincarnation of Palumbo’s?

We’ll just have to wait and see…