In June, we talked about a construction project on the 1200 block of Bainbridge St., an apparent rehab of a former plant store. In our original story, we speculated that the builders were keeping the existing building’s facade and building above it.

Few months ago

From what we’ve seen in the intervening months, the builder has taken down the old facade and built a new base for the building out of cinderblock. The four stories that have yet to be built will contain condos, while part of the first floor will be a parking garage. This building is massive and runs all the way from Bainbridge to Kater Sts., and once it’s complete, it will contain fourteen condos. We’ll keep an eye on this site and provide some updates as construction progresses.

A new, shorter first story

Bottoms of the bays are framed out

Rendering from Harman Deutsch