A couple of readers have reached out to us of late, wondering about some ongoing construction on 11th Street in Bella Vista. There’s been a warehouse at 1011 S. 11th St. going back to the 1800s, surely because of its close proximity to Washington Avenue. We aren’t sure about the building’s uses over the course of its lifetime, but we can tell you that in the last decade it has been used as a medical office and also as a hookah bar called New Delhi Lounge. We’re pretty sure though, that it’s been sitting partially or fully vacant for the last several years.

View of the building

You’ll notice in the photo above that the building is currently under construction. When we went past the property, we were able to get a peek inside from across the street, and it appears that the interior has been totally gutted. Looking at the permits, we see the owners of the property are building an addition to the existing building to make it a four story structure, and will have five residential units on the upper floors. The permits also reference a previously approved prepared food shop on the first floor. We don’t recall any prepared food shop here, perhaps someone that lives nearby can jog our memory?

East side of the block, looking toward Washington Ave.
West side of the block, looking toward Washington Ave.

Barring the return of some business we can’t remember, we’re hoping for something new and exciting at this location. Washington Avenue and the famed Wing Phat Plaza are just a few steps away from this location, so a food business would theoretically have a chance at success at this location, given that people come here from all over town to eat and shop. With a ton of homes to the north and the Bella Vista Lofts across the street, there’s also a decent local population that could sustain a new business. Had anyone heard anything about the business coming to the first floor? Are we appropriately excited? Or are we just setting ourselves up for disappointment?