On the tiny 600 block of S. Delhi St., just south of the Whole Foods on the 900 block of South St., a home that was recently torn down is in the process of being replaced.

In the past

A home that, from the looks of it, had a small forest growing out front is no longer with us, and a new structure is well on its way in the same location.

Looking north

Closer look

The developers, Alpha & Omega Consulting LLC, are based out of West Chester and seem to be running a very small operation, working on this property alone at the moment. They paid $62K for this property earlier this year, and seem poised to make a decent return on their investment.

In this well-established part of the neighborhood, we don’t typically see a whole lot of redevelopment, though there is currently a debate stirring up passions in the community about whether a new home should cover up a beloved mural at the corner of 9th and Bainbridge Sts.

In the meantime, whoever ultimately occupies this new home can look forward to becoming a part of a fabulous neighborhood and having extremely easy access to organic fruits and vegetables.