A reader gave us the heads up about a new project that’s just getting underway at the corner of S. Marshall & Clymer Sts., in Bella Vista. This neighborhood is full of narrow streets such as these, which sit between 6th & 7th Sts., and Fitzwater & Catharine Sts., respectively.

Right there

Currently, a crew is digging a huge hole at this intersection, which contained a parking lot until recently.

Image from the past

That is indeed a hole

From another angle, it still appears to be a hole

The developer settled earlier this months on the three lots, 753-57 S. Marshall St., for $360K. According to the zoning application, the developer plans to combine the three lots into two lots and construct two single family homes. The houses will be a little tall, at 42′ and rise four stories. Each home will have one car parking, in a garage.

Lately in Bella Vista, we’ve seen several large construction projects, like those at 7th and Bainbridge Sts., the 800 block of Christian St. It’s encouraging to see that there are still opportunities for one or two-off construction in the neighborhood, with opportunities for smaller developers to be involved in the neighborhood, as well. We’ll keep an eye on this project and update you with some construction photos in the months ahead.