We imagine that a few times each day, someone passes by this place and stops dead in their tracks, does a double-take, stares for a minutes, then continues on their way. 803-07 Percy St. is truly one-of-a-kind. On its block, both its height and width draw your attention. But even on any other block in Philadelphia, this place would definitely catch your eye.


Yeah, it doesn't even fit in the frame

The house was built three years ago, on three combined lots. It offers 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and 2700 sqft of living space. Luxury fixtures in the kitchen, luxury features in the bathroom (jacuzzi and bidet in the master bath!), and luxury finishes are all over the house. It’s got a large garage and a roof deck with panoramic views of the city. Storm water recycling system captures and reuses rain water. Throw in close proximity to South Street, the Italian Market, and Sabrina’s, and you’ve truly got yourself a winner here.

Looking from the south

Interestingly, this home is also located on Philadelphia’s First Porous Street. Long story short, the porous asphalt used on this block absorbs rain water, preventing runoff from entering the sewer system. This is really cutting edge eco friendly stuff.

The home is currently listed at $849K and comes courtesy of Coldwell Banker Preferred. If you’re looking for a new house that’s like nothing else in the city, you might want to take a look asap. We don’t imagine it’s going to be out there for too long.

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