Lots of action today around the Fante-Leone pool. When we were over there snapping photos, we spotted a couple of orange signs around the corner, up the easy-to-miss Schell Street. Check this out.

Looking east

No street parking, clearly

Developer Schell Street Properties LLC (clever name, huh?) is proposing four new four-story homes on this itty bitty street that’s just behind the Italian Market. The developer purchased these lots in August of last year, getting 900 Schell St., the one on the west side, for $39K and 901-05 Schell St., the three on the east side, for $58,500.

The three eastern lots

The best angle of the lot on the west side

These lots each measure between 330 and 370 sqft, which means that the homes will be, well, cozy. That being said, the home in the photo above was built in the last few years and managed to squeeze almost 1100 sqft of house onto a similarly sized lot. Considering the fact that this home sold just a couple of years ago for nearly $330K, the developer might just be on to something.

Interested in living on this block? Just think about the easy commute to the butcher shop!

The developer for this project will be presenting to Bella Vista Town Watch tonight, at 7:30pm at the Palumbo Rec Center at 10th and Fitzwater Sts.