If you don’t live in Queen Village, Bella Vista or Hawthorne, you’ve probably never heard of little Hall Street, which runs east-west between Montrose and Carpenter Streets. It’s one of those streets that appears and then disappears willy nilly, only to reappear a few blocks later and then dead end. The 1100 block of Hall only has about a dozen addresses, and can only be accessed via Montrose Street.

Hall Street

Another notable feature of this block is that dozens of people take advantage of vacant City-owned lots to park their cars. Huge lots on both the north and south side of the street were filled with cars when we stopped by the other day. But it seems that some of the folks enjoying this unexpected amenity will soon have to find a new place to put their vehicle.

View from Montrose

Last year, the City sold 1122-30 Hall St. to developers Webster Investment LLC. This company paid $325K for five buildable lots, which seems like a pretty good price even though the lots face the surface parking lot pictured above. Earlier this week at the ZBA, they received approval for their plans, designed by Harman Deutsch.

The planned homes

As you can see, they intend to build five homes on these lots, four of which will have garages. The fifth will lack a garage due to the fact that it will be built on a smaller lot than the other four. We’re generally not the biggest fans of garage front homes, but there’s no denying that these homes will be an upgrade over what we see here today.

View of the eastern part of the lot

We’ll be thrilled to see these homes go up. As for the folks who own the cars pictured above, probably not so much.