Some days we're just amazed at how long we've been doing this. Today is such a day. Waaaaay back in November of 2011, we first told you about plans for four homes at 808 Carpenter St., a green project called The Olive Townhomes. This was exciting at the time, as we were pleased to see this curiously vacant lot near the Italian Market get redeveloped. But it's a good thing we weren't too excited, because sometimes the waiting is the hardest part.

See, it wasn't until the spring of 2013 that construction actually got going for this project, when framing took place for two of the homes. From what we can tell, those homes are now finished and one sold last summer for shy of $700K. And you know what, they look pretty good.

The first two homes

Of course, you can't see those homes right now, as construction is underway for the other two homes, the ones that actually front Carpenter Street. Before the snow fell, we snagged some images, just to prove we're not yanking your collective chains.

See? We kid you not.

Looking east

When they're done, these 27'-wide homes will, according to the listings, have 2,700 sqft of living space over four floors with 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms. As the price might suggest, these are some high-end homes and their unique courtyard-centered arrangement will surely inspire the buyers eventually.

Meanwhile, across the street, a bunch of much more standard new homes are continuing to shape up. We last peeked in on the Mildred Court homes over the summer, when framing was still taking place on Montrose Street and the Carpenter Street homes had just gotten greenboard.

Across the street, Mildred Court homes continue moving along

It's obvious that they've progressed on Carpenter Street, with a little bit of exterior work to come, but most of the effort taking place indoors these days. And we suspect, given the brisk temperatures of late, none of the guys working on the site have any complaints about that.

Once the two projects are done, this block will have gained eleven new homes in just a couple of years. Which can only mean tons of new customers for the wonderful San Roman Tortillerilla at 9th & Carpenter. And that's a good thing indeed.