Driving through Hawthorne the other day, we spotted some ongoing construction at 904 and 906 S. 12th St., two properties that previously looked like this:

In the past

We’re guessing the facades were unsalvageable, since they’ve both been torn off.

Recent shot. Glad to see the fiberglass awnings next door weren't disturbed.

Developer AMR Properties purchased the pair of properties last summer for $95K each, and is likely rehabbing them with the intention of reselling. This area has experienced a dramatic change in the past ten years, and we’ll be very interested to see the eventual asking price. Could they get $300K on this block? We shall see.

Meanwhile, around the corner, at 1217 Montrose St., a one-story garage is poised to become a four story house.

Future house

This will be a really interesting project to watch, as the property sits in a teensy weensy lot that’s a mere twenty-one feet deep. We don’t see too many new construction trinities these days, but that’s what might be necessary on this 340 sqft lot. We imagine the garage will be scrapped in favor of additional living space.

It’s great to see multiple private development projects going on concurrently in Hawthorne. Hopefully, the completion of Hawthorne Park in the coming months will only add to the energy in this improving neighborhood.