Many would agree that building trends of the last few decades have not held up well. Some structures that went up in the 1970s or 1980s are downright spit-take-inducing, and you find yourself wondering what the designers and builders were thinking. Other buildings are more innocuous, with designs that just seem a wee bit worn out.

The West West III condos on the 1200 block of South Street went up in the mid-1980s, and look like they could benefit from a little sprucing up.

Ah, reminds us of Trading Places

With that in mind, the members of the condo association have taken it upon themselves to breathe a little new life into the entrances to the their units. New paint and tile work has spiffed things up a little bit, adding a little contemporary touch to what was previously simple white (and easily tagged) stucco.

In the past

A little more color and texture

Looking west, you can see some windows are getting tiles as well

Kudos to the condo owners in this development, who took a small and inexpensive step that dramatically improved the look of their homes. Perhaps others in a similar situation can look at their example and follow suit.