We wrote about the vacant building at 941 S. 8th St. back in the summer of 2011 after wondering about the property for many years prior. The building was fascinating to us because 1) it was a vacant and blighted building in an otherwise thriving neighborhood, 2) it had wonderful bones, and 3) the remains of a long-closed corner store were visible through the first-floor windows. Not only was the store closed, but the windows on the upper floors were covered with plywood, pretty much a bad look all the way around. And don't get us started on the weatherbeaten vinyl awnings.

Back in 2011

Passing by the property today, you can see that its condition is dramatically improved. The window openings have been filled with windows. The details on the bays and the cornice have been wonderfully restored. The awnings are gone. And there's a liquor license application in the window.

Current view

Chris and Heather Fetfatzes, owners of Hawthorne's, the Cambridge, and the newly opened Tio Flores, purchased this building a couple years ago and are currently in the thick of renovating the property. Upstairs, there will be a bilevel apartment. On the first floor, they're planning an "Italian taproom" called Grace & Proper, per a report from Eater. Years ago, we suggested a BYOB or a condo conversion, but this sounds like a much better idea. The footprint of the building is just over 800 sqft so it's fair to expect a rather small neighborhood place, but that seems to fit the bill for this location. They're hoping to open the doors in the spring. And with a few dozen new homes right across the street, they should have plenty of customers lining up for opening day.