Back in the fall of 2011, we first told you about plans for the Olive Townhomes at 808 Carpenter St., half a block from the Italian Market. To refresh your memory, this project includes four large new homes facing a private courtyard, each with impressive green features. At the time, the prices being bandied about were in the high-$600K range. But aside from a sign posted in the lot, there has been no movement on this project in over a year.

Exterior view

Slightly confusing site plan

But today we bring good news!  A reader gave us the heads up that there has been some action at the site at last. Some heavy machinery is there, and it looks like it’s been doing some digging. Or else it brought all the debris that we see on the site from someplace else, but that seems awfully unlikely.

The lot

Closer look

Construction permits were pulled back in August and modified in December, giving us the sense that legitimate construction could be underway in short order. Whether it’s the same design, or even the same developers we don’t know, but it’s wonderful to see that something is apparently moving forward here at last.

Meanwhile, just a few paces to the east, a building that we first covered nearly two years ago will also soon undergo some long-overdue changes. 941 S. 8th St., a long-blighted former corner store, was finally offered for sale at the end of February for just under $300K.

Finally changing hands

Within two weeks, the property was under contract, with closing scheduled roughly a month from now. We can only imagine how many fascinating old items remain in the old shop- hopefully some neighbors will be able to get a peek inside before the place is gutted.