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The property at the southwest corner of 7th & Hoffman possesses plenty of history, having been home to a dry goods store, a women's and children's clothing store, and a furniture store over the years. Its recent history is of interest to us today, as it has a longstanding place in

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A reader reached out to us the other day, pointing us to the listing for 1319 W. Porter St., a single family home in South Philly. Ordinarily, we don't bring random listings to your attention- but this one is truly unique, which might explain why it went under contract after a

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We've never noticed the plumbing supply business at 2616 S. 18th St., just a few steps from Oregon Avenue. We confess, we don't spend so much time in Girard Estates, but even if we did, the nondescript stucco building at this address simply blends in, as if begging to be

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A reader reached out the other day, wondering about a new building that appeared over the last several months on Swanson Street, in that weird industrial area behind the Columbus Commons shopping center. The property in question is 2351 S. Swanson St., a parcel that was home to an ink works

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It's a tale of two cities, er, neighborhoods in Packer Park, where half the homes in the neighborhood were constructed in the 1950s and 1960s and the rest were built in the last fifteen years. Needless to say, the older homes don't look quite the same as the newer homes. As

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Philadelphia is home to so many churches. And while these houses of worship still play a huge role in numerous communities, many congregations have moved out of the city or disappeared entirely, for a host of reasons. The Archdiocese hasn't been immune to these changes, as dozens of Catholic parishes and schools

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A couple months back, we drew your attention to a little two-home development on the 2200 block of S. 6th Street, across from Mifflin Square. We commented that we don't typically write about projects of this size, but justified the worthiness of the post due to the location, south of Snyder Avenue and

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We commonly hear the refrain that "they don't build 'em like they used to," and the people saying this certainly are not wrong. A few hundred years ago, they built 'em all out of wood and cities kept burning to the ground. A hundred years ago, they built 'em out of

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Frangelli's Bakery opened at the corner of 9th & Jackson in 1947, moving to the corner of 9th & Ritner in 1994. In case you've never heard of this amazing place, they make delicious donuts, and their most recent creation is the Franolli, a donut/cannoli hybrid. It's a little spot

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Many Philadelphians take the nameless shopping district along the southern part of the city’s Delaware waterfront for granted even through the auto-oriented area of strip malls and big-box stores feels more like the Northeast than South Philly. Nonetheless, the vestiges of the area’s industrial roots are visible in all directions-- the

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