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We only have to go back a month ago to find ourselves at 6915 Germantown Ave., the property next to the historic John Gorgas House in Mt. Airy. At the time, we told you about a recent zoning permit to combine properties next to this old house, where there were

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We don't need to tell you that Philadelphia is steeped in history in every corner of its expanse. One place that fits this description is 6901 Germantown Ave., also known as the Gorgas House, which was named for the family that built the home back in 1798. This handsome but

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The property at 208 E. Mt. Airy Ave. is one that is surprisingly hidden, despite the presence of the now-closed Fred's Mt. Airy Motors along this main corridor. Sitting in the middle of a block surrounded by some of Mt. Airy's amazing historic architecture, what is now a surface lot

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Philadelphia is a place of constant change, so we are always impressed when something stands the test of time, whether it be a building, an institution, or a business. Maclen's Auto Body is one of those impressive businesses, with this West Mt. Airy staple having served Philly since 1945. Or

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Did you know that Philadelphia was one of the early centers for American horticulture back in the day? With John Bartram (of Bartram's Garden fame) an early leader of the movement, Joseph Meehan (along with his more famous brother Thomas) would form one of the largest commercial nurseries in the

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In many parts of the city, the rowhome is the standard housing unit and is part of what makes Philadelphia the "City of Neighborhoods," as the saying goes. This is mostly due to the city's zoning code, which determines what is permitted to be built in given areas. We won't

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