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In case you're unaware, the southwest corner of 8th & Market is a surface parking lot. Has been for decades, actually. Historically, this was the address of the Gimbels department store, which started operating on this block in the late 1800s, and by 1927 occupied a collection of handsome buildings that sold all

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Market East should be one of the most vibrant and desirable neighborhoods in Philadelphia. With its location in the heart of downtown, everyone should want to live there- but that hasn't really been the case, historically. We don't know that we can pin down exactly why Market East has lagged behind

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Conventional wisdom says that small lots and tall buildings don't mix. But in the last decade or so, there's been a shift in thinking as land has become increasingly valuable while rents and sale prices have continued to climb. New York has seen a number of skinny buildings rise in recent

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Center City is set to lose another low rise parking garage, and this time it's the unexciting two-story structure at 123 S. 12th St. that's on the outs. This isn't the first time we're bringing this building to your attention though - remember about two and a half years ago,

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If you're ever driving through Center City on Chestnut Street and you encounter traffic (so most of the time), a pro move is to take a detour down Juniper Street and drive south until you reach some more manageable traffic patterns. That's been our strategy for years, but it has

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Surprisingly little ink has been spilled regarding 1101 Chestnut St., a monolithic, beige colored structure that covers the entire north side of the block. If you think about it you can probably figure out that this building houses a parking garage on its upper floors, joining a collection of retail tenants on the first

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Wendy's 2018

Like a vestige from another time and place, a one-story Wendy’s sits on a skyscraper-zoned plot of land in Center City, on the northwest corner of 11th & Walnut. How in the world did this happen?Believe it or not, the building was not built as a Wendy’s and it wasn't built all that

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As the name suggests, Parkway Corporation is in the parking business. They don't own all the parking lots in Center City, but they own or operate at least a couple dozen lots or garages around town, so if you've got a car then you've probably given them some of your

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Looking back on our childhood, we hated going to I. Goldberg. A trip to Goldberg's meant it was time for a new jacket or a new backpack or a tent for a family camping trip, and shopping in general was no fun back then. Years later, we remember meandering through the

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Market East was a commercial center in Philadelphia in the early part of the 20th century, but as the decades rolled along, increased competition from the suburbs and other factors resulted in a diminished status for this shopping district. The Gallery opened its doors in 1977, in an effort to

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