In Girard Estates


It's no secret that life sciences is becoming one of the area's most important industries, as Philadelphia cements itself as one of the leading hubs for research and manufacturing in the nation. Deep in South Philadelphia in the Girard Estates neighborhood, another entry to the ever-expanding built environment needed to

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Building F

Who among us loves a shopping center? Not many hands raised, eh? Figured.In a perfect world, we'd walk everywhere and buy everything we need on our closest commercial corridor from small, locally owned businesses. But it ain't the 1950s anymore, and we buy countless necessities at big box stores and national

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It seems like, these days, every time an old auto garage changes hands, the new owners look to tear it down in favor of new construction. That's why it's so refreshing to share some news, for a change, about a building that was once home to a car fixin' business

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