Toward the end of 2013, we considered a seemingly vacant warehouse on the southwest corner of 10th & Mount Vernon and wondered when the domino would fall on its redevelopment. At the time, the Spring Arts Point project, after sitting dormant for a couple of years, was ramping up construction on a new phase, so we figured the time could be nigh. So it took a couple years longer than we would have liked, but now something is indeed happening here.

Demolition Notice
Demolition notice
Spring Arts Point To The East
Spring Arts Point to the east

You can see in the image above, there’s now a demolition notice posted to the building. Soon enough, it will be demolished and we can even tell you what’s coming next. Developers are planning a new project with ten units, though for some reason they’re opting for five duplexes rather than a larger apartment building. Perhaps this has something to do with cost of construction, or maybe egress requirements in apartment buildings, or possibly it’s an indication that they’re planning to list these units as condos rather than going the rental route. No matter the layout of the project, it’s still great to see that this property is finally getting redeveloped. Oh, and not that we’ll be able to see it, but the project will include a green roof.

Newest Part Of Spring Arts Point, To The West
Newest part of Spring Arts Point, to the west
Closer Look
Closer look

Immediately to the west, you can see that yet another part of Spring Arts Point has been completed. In the summer of 2015, we told you about these units breaking ground so this is a big change from back then. All of these units were sold by Rust Real Estate at prices exceeding $500K, and some of the homes are now listed as rentals in the $3,000/mo range. You may recall, this was a huge vacant lot previously, so the new homes are a great upgrade. Soon enough, these folks will have some new neighbors at the corner. And they may even be able to spy the green roof from above.