Remember last week when we excitedly told you that work was ongoing at the long vacant, long blighted Divine Lorraine? And do you recall the stunning before and after photos which highlighted the impressive improvement that resulted from a little power washing? Now, thanks to a (now days old) tweet from the developers, we have a rendering of a renovated Divine Lorraine, put together by the creative folks at Wallace Roberts & Todd.

Last year

Last week

In the future

In the rendering, we see a restored sign on the roof, repaired balconies looking south, and some glass structure in the rear which may connect to a parking garage? Otherwise, the image just looks like a cleaned up version of the building we see today. The plan here has been, for the last couple of years, to convert the building into 126 apartment units with commercial uses on the first floor. And while that may well end up happening, developers EB Realty Management Corporation are also apparently looking at a hotel concept. We know you guys didn't ask, but we suggest sticking with residential. Just our two cents.

Folks, can you imagine just how great it would be if the image above were to be realized? We get more excited about the possibility with every passing day, and can't wait to provide updates as the project moves along. Until next time, drink it in. Tastes like progress.