Twice now, we’ve brought your attention to the 4000 block of Baring St.- first to 4001 and 4011 Baring St. which together account for 25 new residential units, and then to 4032 Baring St., a new triplex on the corner of Preston and Baring Sts.

Now, three more lots, 4006-10 Baring St., are looking like they’ll be developed in the very near future.

The lots in question

The same lots, with a view of 4001 Baring St. in the background

The lots are being developed, like the previous buildings we’ve mentioned on these blocks, by Errol McAlinden and Gerard Regan.¬†McAlinden & Regan have planned triplexes for the three lots, which will include a commercial space on the corner. The commercial space, according to the zoning application, will have an eat-in and take-out restaurant on the premises.

Yup, it’s more good news for this block that seems to keep on churning, thanks largely to the efforts of two gentlemen. And ohbytheway, it looks like they’ve pretty much finished up their corner triplex building.

Corner of Preston and Baring Sts.

Nice work, maintaining the porch continuity. Wish they could have replicated the cornices to look like the buildings next door- those are pretty sweet.