West Philly Tool Library, located at 1314 S. 47th St., is a wonderful resource for the local community. We've told you about them in the past but in case you've forgotten they're a non-profit that does exactly what their name suggests- they're like a library but with tools. With over 1,500 members and over 3,500 tools, the organization has made over 30,000 loans, helping people with home improvement projects, garden work, furniture building, playground construction, and other projects.

Tools for the borrowing

But the organization's popularity has exceeded its capacity. So in an effort to serve new members, purchase new tools, and expand education programs, West Philly Tool Library embarked on a fundraising drive through Indiegogo to raise $10K. That effort ended a couple of days ago with $10,900 raised.

Despite the success of this fundraising drive, we don't imagine the organization would refuse additional donations if you're interested. And even if you aren't looking to make a donation and you are looking to borrow some tools, you can become a member for as little as $20/year, depending on your income. Alternately, you can pay $200 to become a lifetime member and you'll never have to worry about buying tools again. Man, Home Depot is gonna be pissed.