It’s been nearly a year since we first told you about plans to construct three triplexes plus a commercial space at 4006-10 Baring St., located on a block that’s seen tons of development in recent years. Over the summer, we checked back in and discovered foundations but nothing more.

In January

In August

We were in the area just the other day, and it seems that progress has indeed taken place in the last few months, since we’d last passed by. The buildings have been framed, with facades up on Baring Street. We’re guessing the sides of the buildings will feature stucco.

Last week

Closer look

Though the application originally featured plans for a commercial space in this development, we’re not seeing anything that suggests a commercial use. Could it have been eliminated in favor of more apartments? Can’t say we’d blame the builders if that were indeed the case.

We’ll see if we can get to the bottom of the change, and will update y’all if anything interesting comes up.