Last November, we wrote about a blighted building at 50th & Pentridge, just around the corner from the recently opened Little Baby’s Ice Cream at 49th & Catharine. A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that a full-scale renovation job is happening at that location. When we wrote about the site last fall, the woman who answered the telephone at the number posted on a sign at the lot told us she didn’t have time for our conversation unless we were interested in buying. Turns out someone was interested. The property sold December 28 for $35,000, according to public record. If we were a gamblin’ blog we’d wager the new owner is responsible for the renovations.

In the past

Current view

It seems these renovations are coming at an apt time. In University City, undergrads, grad students, and young families are moving further west and the neighborhood is changing. The series of business openings on Baltimore Avenue that we keep bringing to your attention are clear evidence of that. Between 48th and 50th, along Baltimore, the past few years has meant the opening of new independent businesses as well as rising rents.

Just earlier this month we chanced upon a for rent sign along the 4800 block of Chester in a well kept home, called it and found the owner was renting a third-floor front of the floor one-bedroom/studio apartment for $900 month. That said, we imagine when this building at 50th and Pentridge is completed, it should be just a little more valuable than the $35K the new owner paid just a few months ago.

–Lou Mancinelli