The University of Pennsylvania has partnered with Parks & Recreation (not Amy Poehler) to give away 300 free trees to faculty and staff who own homes in Philly. The Tree Giveaway with Mayor Nutter will be on Thursday, March 31, on College Green at 1pm, where pre-registered participants can pick up their trees for planting. The giveaway is part of a “Creating Canopy with Penn,” an effort that has come about from Mayor Nutter’s strong support for creating a tree canopy in Philadelphia. Greenworks Philadelphia‘s target of 300,000 new trees planted by 2015 is an ambitious goal to help the even more ambitious goal of a 30 percent tree canopy in Philly by 2025. It is an ambitious goal, but Parks & Recreation and UC Green are making a great impact on the UPenn campus, and hopefully the initiative will grow in future years.