We’ve told you about The Porch a couple of times since it was dedicated in November, mentioning weekly events like a farmer’s market, and noting its participation in the Heart and Soul exhibition. If you’ve never heard of this newish public space, The Porch is a reclaimed parking area next to 30th Street Station that has greenery, tables and chairs, and events almost every day. Sure, it’s not an area that you would necessarily think to hang out on a random Tuesday, but it’s a nice addition to our city and it provides a welcoming presence for tourists getting off the train.

The Porch

Today, we’ve learned that The Porch will be getting a makeover in the near future. University City District has received a $375K grant from ArtPlace, a collaboration to accelerate creative place making in the US. One of 47 recipients of grant money from this program, and one of three in Philadelphia, The Porch will be using this funding to implement “urban design upgrades” and art installations. This is clearly an exciting development that will only increase the energy directed toward making this a successful public space.

It’s cool that this space exists in the first place, and it’s even more satisfying to see that it’s evolving after less than a year of existence. Many were skeptical of the site’s potential, given its location, but continued focus on its improvement will prove the doubters wrong and make The Porch another place that we Philadelphians can be proud of.

Can’t wait to see what UCD has planned here in the year to come.