Last summer, we wondered about the stretch of vacant storefronts on 40th Street, north of Chestnut, across from the Hub building. It seemed curious that so many vacancies would be there, across from a fancy newish building and on the edge of Penn’s campus. After we did some digging, we realized that Penn owned much of the corner, and the commercial spaces were being kept vacant on purpose, with the thought that a second phase of the Hub would eventually rise at this location.

The Hub

So you can imagine our surprise, when today, after an utterly unsuccessful sheriff’s sale, we spotted a new business in the northernmost previously unoccupied property, 34 N 40th St.

The new store

This new business, Locust Moon Comics, takes up a double-wide commercial space next door to University Herbs. The store, which we poked our heads into, sells comics and toys on one side, and has a gallery space on the other side. The space, despite all of the stuff for sale, feels clean and organized, and nothing like the musty comic book stores of our youth. They opened last week, and are open seven days a week, 11am – 11pm.

Still vacant to the south

Meanwhile, to the south, the other storefronts remain vacant. With this store being developed, could more stores be on the way? Or is Penn still holding out hope for another large development on this corner?