Almost two years ago, we brought up 4100 Chestnut St., a large warehouse on the edge of Penn’s campus. At that time, Campus Apartments had recently purchased the former home of Graphics Arts Inc. and was seeking to lease the building to a new tenant. A commenter even pointed out that they had visions of building two twenty-story towers on the site, ostensibly on the large parking lot that takes up about half of the parcel.

The building

Site plan. Towers to the west someday?

As you can see in the photo above, the last couple of years haven’t been terribly kind to this building. Several windows on Chestnut Street are broken, and it doesn’t appear as though this part of the building has procured a tenant as of yet. On 41st Street, however, a large door had been replaced an a previously bricked-in window has been reopened.

Newer door

Newly reopened window

There’s a leasing sign on the building from Cushman & Wakefield offering loft office space here. We’re guessing that Campus Apartments was having a rough time renting out 35K of space in the building and have chosen to subdivide the structure into smaller, more easily digestible bites. Not a bad idea, though we’d guess that they’re still waiting for a large tenant for the space that fronts Chestnut Street. Maybe if they repair those windows, they’ll have an easier time finding that special someone.

And as for when those towers will go up here, you know we’ll let you know if we hear anything.