While we were out taking photos along Woodland Avenue, and of a charming, and locked, pocket park in West Philly, at 48th and Chester, we came upon these blighted units in a strip of homes located just south of Chester Avenue on 47th Street.


According to October 2009 Google Earth images, the vacant shells fare about as well today as they did three years ago, the difference being fresher looking boards in the first- and second-story windows and some minor clean-up. As for the strip of homes, some of the former graffiti has been removed. Across the street at the southwest corner of 47th and Chester is a corner store style deli that also sells beer.

It’s a shame to see these potentially charming structures offering blight to the neighborhood in lieu of potential ground-floor retail.

Looking north, toward Baltimore Ave., where there

With L&I on the prowl in Francisville recently, as well as out West, perhaps a few more of those hot pink notices will appear here, demanding that the owners secure the building. And then the owners will make good of it, eh? And then hopefully restore the bay window tower that rounds the corner of row of homes.

The blighted units, 1103 and 1105 S. 47th St., are owned by Malik Amin and Monifa McCoy, who we’re guessing received the properties as an inheritance. The taxes on these properties are current, and they’re currently offering a renovated triplex for sale around the corner, which leads us to believe (or hope) that these properties will be next on the rehab list.

These properties are another example of the travails of blight and the length of time beat up homes stay hurt. Very soon, we hope this bruise just outside of the burgeoning West Philly corridor will heal up right.

–Lou Mancinelli