Located at the corner of 47th St. and Cedar Ave., the Suzuki Piano Academy is a music school that opened up last year in West Philadelphia, in the space formerly occupied by the famous Carrot Cake Man. The school utilizes the Suzuki Method, which models its techniques after language acquisition theories, and teaches music in very small, digestible steps. The school stresses the importance of cultivating a love and appreciation for high quality music.

Not anymore

Not as tasty, but looks much nicer

The transformation of the building from a few years ago is striking. The improvements made to the facade are so impressive, the school won an award last year from the Citywide Storefront Challenge for “Best Total Package.” Taking the idea that attractive storefronts lead to better business, this challenge rewarded businesses that transformed the look of their building in a attractive or distinctive way. The building was unusual looking anyway because much of it is detached from the house next door, but we’re most impressed with the new bike racks.

Big, open windows make the interior space bright


Piano shaped bike racks!

Zoomed out a little, you can see the building next door set back dramatically

Love those windows