A vacant corner at 43rd & Sansom in Spruce Hill will soon be transformed when a four-story 32-unit mixed-use project will be constructed. Work may begin as early as this spring, with the ZBA having approved the project in last month. “It’s a very dark corner in Spruce Hill,” said Spruce Hill Community Association (SHCA) zoning chair Barry Grossbach. “Our thought is that it could bring some light to the area.” SCHA approved the project in February.

The lot, kind of dark

According to Grossbach, SHCA members wanted a commercial project to be developed at the site, which sits across the street from the rear of the Shop n Bag at 43rd & Walnut. In addition to two ground-floor commercial spaces, the project will include 31 off-street parking spots and 11 bicycle parking spaces. According to Philadelphia Heights, the building is being designed by Blitz Architectural Group and will include a green roof, and an exterior façade that features bay windows, as well as granite and aluminum panels. The site is being developed by Daniel DeRidis Sr. of Apartments at Penn and another local realtor, according to Grossbach.

Probably won't fit in with the existing homes in the area

This marks the second large project announced in West Philadelphia in recent weeks. About a half dozen blocks south, a 92-unit proposal for the southeast corner at 43rd and Baltimore, across the street from Clark Park and the Green Line Café, and next door to the City’s Health Center No. 3, received conditional approval by the ZBA. As more details surface on both projects, we’ll keep you up to date.

–Lou Mancinelli