We try to visit the 4000 block of Baring Street every few months, as this block as been the epicenter for student housing development in West Powelton over the last half decade. More often than not, we find something new and exciting when we visit. We thought this was the case when we passed through the area the other day, as it appeared a large vacant lot at the corner of Budd & Baring was in the very early stages of development.

Construction Fence
Construction fence

This looks like a large parcel that could accommodate a significant building, so we figured we were onto something. Doing a little bit of research though, we discovered that this property has less in store than we originally believed. It turns out 4059 Baring St., the far western lot pictured above, is privately owned and will be developed into a five unit student housing building. The three eastern lots are owned by the Greater Faith Baptist Church down the block and aren’t in the redevelopment queue at this time. It’s still nice to see that one vacant lot will disappear, though we’d have been happier to see three more bite the dust.

Looking at the image above, you can see the backs of a pair of new-looking buildings that have frontage on 41st Street. We told you about this project about a year ago, as construction was just getting started. You may recall, there was a nice looking home here with a huge rear and side yard. The home was demoed and a pair of six-unit buildings were put up in its place. Needless to say, the building that stood here previously fit a little better into the old neighborhood, architecturally. The new buildings, which we’d have to think are now occupied, have that contemporary “student housing” look that we see all over the area.

A Couple Years Ago
A couple years ago
New Building On 41st Street
New building on 41st Street

We’d think that more of the same is on the way around the corner. Unfortunately, we can’t get winners like this project on the 4200 block of Chester Avenue every time. But hey, maybe 4059 Baring St. will be the exception to the rule!