Honest Tom’s Taco Truck has plans to open a brick and mortar location at 261 S. 44th Street. The popular food truck has made its mark traveling around the city (alerting customers of their location via Facebook/Twitter), selling creative taco concoctions to those who visit.  Now, according to Honest Tom’s owner Tom McCusker, he will be renting out the first floor of the 44th Street location with plans to open for dinner from 3 to 11pm, while still running the truck during the day. As far as menu is concerned, we will be seeing a lot of the same delicious items that were available for purchase at the truck, but he will also be adding burritos to the selection.

Although McCusker will be juggling both the truck and the stationary shop while the warm weather permits, come late September he will be closing the truck for the season (it will reopen next spring) and opening up the new locale full-time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. McCusker also said that by Christmas he plans to be able to rent out the second floor of the building as well, which will provide additional seating for his customers.

The tentative opening date for Honest Tom’s Taco shop is set for August 1. —-Kaitlin Bostwick