Remember last summer, when we told you that a 7-11 had closed at 38th & Chestnut, and expressed surprise because those places never seem to close? At the time, we wondered what would replace the convenience store, speculating that the building would be demolished and replaced by a new apartment building, or maybe a mixed-use building.

Last summer

Shortly after we wrote about it, someone reached out with a rumor that a bank would be taking over for 7-11 at this location. And now that seems to be exactly what's happening.

Now under construction

In the coming months, perhaps even before the fall semester begins, a Santander bank branch will open here. Not only is this objectively worse than a place that sells Slurpees, but it's a real missed opportunity for a taller and more interesting building. Seems like a no brainer, right in the heart of Penn's campus. But hey, what do we know?