It looks like there's development on the way for a long quiet parcel in Cedar Park. For years, a vacant building and a fair-sized surface parking lot have occupied a prime corner where Cedar Avenue intersects with Baltimore Avenue near 46th Street. Permits were issued this spring for the demolition of the building at 4610 Cedar Ave. which was most recently a Philadelphia Credit Union branch but has been vacant more often than not over the last decade.

In the past

We passed by recently and discovered the building is now gone.

Building is demolished

According to permits, the owners are planning a mixed-use building with eight apartments and a retail space on the first floor. The same family that owns Vietnam Cafe, Grill Fish Cafe, and the market on 47th Street have owned the property for years, and we'd have to imagine that a food-based use will be in the cards for the property. But we couldn't tell you what's coming, or even if it will definitely be a restaurant.

Grill Fish and the Fu-Wah Market

On the other hand, maybe this project won't be moving forward with the speed the developers desire. An individual has filed an appeal against L&I, indicating that the agency erred in issuing a use permit for the property. The complaint states that L&I did not consider the "impact of adjacent property with regard to air, light, and use impairment." So… we'll have to see where that goes. If it holds up, then the project would need to go through the community process and eventually before the ZBA.

Assuming everything goes well and this building gets built, it will be a handy neighbor for a new business coming soon at 46th & Baltimore. Remember, we told you last month, Cafe Renata is moving from their previous location at 43rd & Locust to the space that controversially hosted a Subway location for a short time. We'd imagine that the cafe would gladly welcome the additional nearby residents that this building would bring to the table. After all, word is that the cafe business is a tough one.