A few months ago, we gave you the lowdown on the demolition of Matheson Hall on the 3200 block of Market St. and the upcoming construction of a new home for the LeBow School of Business. Whelp, we’re pleased to announce that demolition work is complete as of a few weeks ago, and work on digging a foundation is underway.

Building replaced by a sign

Here’s a closer look at that rendering. The design comes from Robert A.M. Stern Architects of New York and local firm Voith & Mactavish Architects.

Same view as above

According to the website dedicated to this new building, the foundation will go twenty-five feet below street level to accommodate a 300-seat auditorium in the basement. Here’s a look at the progress so far:

That's a big hole

The building is still over two years away, but we’ll be sure to provide updates every few months. This one’s gonna be a gem.