We noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign from Reliance Realty, LLC on 5021-5023 Baltimore Ave., the building that abuts the new privately-owned urban farm that we told you about last week.

Farm next door

The property includes six apartments and two commercial spaces, and over 6000 sqft of interior space. At 5023 Baltimore Ave., barbershop Cuttin’ Up is the tenant. 5021 Baltimore Ave. was most recently after hours club Eclipse Night Club. Dig their final wall post, from November 27, 2011, “need help…What would b a good day to throw a lesbian night?” Eclipse also hosted a weekly rap open mic. But the place angered neighbors, who doubted the club had legal permits, with its late night and early morning noise. Some called the police a number of times, but the club stayed open until this December when gun shots rang out in the late night hours. Before the club, which lasted for about two years, a clothes boutique occupied the site.

The building itself, metal gate closed

The property is listed for $310K, according to realtor Arlene Wayns-Thomas. She said the structure went on the market last December first for $390K, and was reduced to $345K before being lowered more. A buyer would be able to take on the leases of current tenants, according to Wayns-Thomas.

On March 22, the ground-floor commercial property of the building, which had metal security gates pulled down to cover the windows since Eclipse closed, pulled up its gates to reveal a window speckled with advertisements for state representative James Roebuck. Inside, we found a gentleman painting the ceiling. He said he was helping his friend, the owner (Paul King of Deleware) and that was all he knew. According to Wayns-Thomas, Roebuck has rented the office for the next six weeks, in anticipation of the April 24th primary.

Though there are vacant homes on both sides of this block, and this particular property has gone on and off the market for years, we see signs of hope. With the new urban farm next door, the potential Apple Lofts development a few blocks away, and the new expanded Mariposa location down the street, this block should be on the way up. We’ll be watching.

–Lou Mancinelli