A couple of weeks ago, we profiled the 5000 block of Baltimore Avenue, sharing the news that a new restaurant would soon be arriving on the scene, brought to you by the folks at Aksum. And while Babylon Bistro will surely be a nice addition to the neighborhood when it opens in several months, an eagle-eyed reader noticed something in one of the photos from that post that should be relevant in much shorter order.

Future restaurant. But look at that sign next door...

Uh, what is this?

Not only did it seem curious that we’d never heard of anything called Taco Angeleno, but it seemed even stranger to find this sign affixed to a fence, with no apparent business behind it. Doing a touch of research, we found a story on Foobooz from a couple of months ago, and learned that Taco Angeleno is not a bricks and mortar establishment, but instead a food truck that makes its permanent home at 5019 Baltimore Ave., right next door to the expected location of the aforementioned Babylon Bistro.

At this time, the truck appears to be making appearances around West Philly events, including the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll and the Clark Park Farmers Market. From what we can figure out from a post on their Facebook page, it seems as though the long-term plan is to continue to vend at these types of events, but also to serve out of the truck at their Baltimore Avenue address during regular business hours. They will be presenting to Cedar Park Neighbors for this effort in September, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye on how all of that shakes out.

And now we want tacos for lunch.