Between Farragut & Market Streets in West Philly, onions and tomatoes will soon be joined by people relaxing. That’s where a community park is just about finished being constructed by The Enterprise Center, where it will couple with the already existing Walnut Hill Community Farm.

Park slash farm

According to the West Philly Local, new features include solar paneled lighting and various new seating configurations designed to offer a relaxing environment- as relaxing as it can get next to the El.

Another view

The addition of the park might be the first of many TEC improvements to this area. Back in December, TEC demolished a string of homes, apparently to make for Enterprise Heights, its multi-million dollar project that’s been stalled for more than a decade. Before that, in the spring of 2012, SEPTA repainted the murals on the pillars at the four corners of 46th & Market. So the area has recently been refreshed. Something that is not yet refreshed is the Liberty Mutual building across the street. While we believe that the cops will eventually move into the stately building, that renovation seems years from completion. Alas.


In all, these additions to the Walnut Hill Community Farm only point to a string of development-related improvements slated for the area. Last year, University City District carried out a lighting program at 46th & Farragut. Up the street, the new CHOP primary care facility at 48th & Market that opened this winter provides some new makeup for an area where investment has been almost nil. In the other direction on Market Street, heading toward Center City, there’s a ton of investment. The Science Center is building two separate buildings at 3601, which starts this fall, and 3737 Market St., which is already underway. And throw in Drexel’s $8.9M acquisition of the triangular parcel at 32nd & Market, you can see Market Street is only going to keep changing.

–Lou Mancinelli