Washington Square West is Fishing for a New BYO

Josh Lawler and Colleen Kelly will be opening a new restaurant, The Farm and The Fisherman, at 1120 Pine Street, formerly the restaurant Paul owned by Paul and Effie Bouikidis of Effie’s Greek fame across the street. The Farm and The Fisherman will be a 30-seat BYO restaurant that will focus on using sustainable, locally sourced ingredients and is looking to open in spring of this year.

The menu will change often based on the ingredients that will be used for each dish (taking into consideration when menu items are in or out of season).  While the previous establishment had a much colder vibe, Lawler assures the public that the new appeal will be one of warmth. Outdoor seating will be introduced in the much warmer months to come and a weekend brunch menu will be added after a few months in business. The location was sold to Savoir LLC last November for $845,000. This is a great location for a BYO with Mixto and Effie as neighbors, and we’re always a fan of more outdoor seating in Philly!