Tweed Goes Out in a Fishy Manner

Tweed restaurant, located at 114 S. 12th Street (between Chestnut and Walnut) has closed abruptly and for good.  Last week, there were reports that the restaurant was temporarily closed due to a mysterious “roof collapsing,” and the public was assured that Tweed would be back up and running in a few weeks. This was a lie.

On Wednesday, June 1st, all Tweed employees received an e-mail notifying them that they would not be needed for the week due to a lack of reservations. Following that email, no phone calls or emails were returned or answered. Suspiciously, the “no reservations” story conflicted with the roof story that came to light in the days that followed. Not only were employees in the dark as to whether they still had their jobs, a few of them were also owed back pay.

Last week, we went to Tweed to see if anyone was around who could give us some information on what happened. We found the landlords wandering around the former restaurant, looking dazed and shocked. What had been a beautiful restaurant just days before was completely demolished; either overnight or over the course of the days prior, with every single fixture ripped out of the walls. The restaurant’s owner, Edward Bianchini, had not only taken things that you would expect to be taken (he did flip some of those items very quickly, according to an inside source), but also some less expected items (used light bulbs, light switches, the fabric seat covers).

Beautiful Bar at Tweed
Bar area (after being gutted in the dark of night)

So you may be wondering, what the hell happened?  There has been a lot of speculation as to why Tweed called it quits so suddenly and why Bianchini stripped it bare; all we can get out of those who may know is that “it was due to a multitude of reasons,” and “many problems with the landlord.” And so the mystery continues. A few days ago, employees finally received e-mail communication from Tweed management, assuring them that any money owed would be mailed; the e-mail also apologizes for the way things happened, as they were not expecting it either. At this time, Edward Bianchini is remaining silent on the issue.